Nowadays, a bathroom is more than just a bathroom, it is where our private moments takes place, so we always want to make sure we are comfortable in our bathroom and that the layout and design is useful and efficient. In addition to increasing your family’s enjoyment in one of the most used rooms in the house, remodeling a bathroom is a way of adding value to your home.

Per square foot, no room in the house takes more work and money to remodel than the bathroom. Whether you are looking for a simple change or update of your old bathroom or a complete renovation of your bathroom, Optima has the best remodeling ideas that fit your needs within your budgets.

Large Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a center of attraction of any beautiful house. In recent years, people want bathrooms to be bold, beautiful and moreover comfortable. Optima Kitchen and Bath will make sure we turn your simple and regular bathroom into a beautiful, stylish, organized and functional space that brings back a high return on investment.

Small Bathrooms

Even if you have a small bathroom or powder room, there is a lot that can be done to make your bathroom or powder room more attractive and stylish with your available budget. Moreover, we will make your bathroom more useful and functional than before.

Optima Kitchen and Bath can help you change your small, cramped bathroom into a more convenient, stylish and easy to clean one.